Uncle Samsik on Hulu came up with its first five episodes and they are bangers to launch the series into its coming episodes. The series features Song Kang-Ho in his debut web series as he plays the mystical figure of Uncle Samsik, A man who knows how to adapt. The series follows a unique release schedule with the first five episodes dropping first then two weekly episodes and finally three episodes to finish the series. To understand the Release schedule. Check this article out. Back to our review. Checkout our review of the first five episodes of the series.

Uncle Samsik Episode 1-5 Review – What’s Good?

Uncle Samsik is very unique with a unique story and unique characters. It is a must-watch with great direction and amazing writing. Uncle samsik takes us back into the era of 1960s and it is so beautifully done that everything looks very real.
This series blows our mind away at times with its scenes and it is almost magical and those scenes are directed and cinematographed very well too. Director

The performances especially by Song Kang-ho who plays the character of Uncle Samsik is very good. Since only 5 episodes of the series are available right ow, there is a lot to be seen in this series and we cannot wait to get deep into this series.

The chemistry between Byun Yo-Han and Song Kang-ho is good to watch and the discomfort is sometimes the best part about the series.

Uncle Samsik Episode 1-5 Review

Uncle Samsik Episode 1-5 Review – What’s Bad?

Honestly, what is really irritating is to get deep into this series and now having to wait for the next episodes. Just as we were enjoying the series, the fun stops.

Also some parts of the series seem to be a little unrealistic and that is never a good thing. Sometimes the mysticism gets a little too far to digest.

Sometimes the script is also a little hard to keep up with as there are too many things happening.

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Uncle Samsik Episode 1-5 Review – Overall Rating

Overall, Uncle Samsik is a must a watch and we cannot wait to watch the rest of the episodes of the series. We give this series a solid 8/10 rating. We expect this to go bigger and become a popular series in the coming months.




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