Inspector Rishi just dropped on Prime Video and the series has been in the news for coming out with a new genre of a ghost thriller where the character of Inspector Rishi tries to solve the mystery behind this horror thriller where a supposed ghost Vanaratchi is behind the murder of multiple people. The story revolves around Inspector Rishi who is played by actor Naveen Chandra. As per the makers, the character will be made like a serial ghost detective similar to what Sherlock Holmes is to the detective world. What intrigued us as viewers, and we are sure that it will intrigue everyone too is the identity of Vanaratchi. Is the story real? Let us find out

Is Vanaratchi a Real Ghost?

No, Vanratchi is not a real ghost but a figment of imagination. The makers of the series Inspector Rishi have imagined this character however, such stories of forest ghosts are not new to Indian folklore and are present in every nook and corner of the country. The series is based in a forest in Tamil Nadu and there is a very interesting ghost story about a forest in Tamil Nadu which is supposed to be haunted.

Vanaratchi Real Ghost

The story is of the Sathyamangalam Forests, which are supposed to be haunted. There are many different stories that have come out of the forest. Read one such story here. A stretch of the National Highway in Tamil Nadu which passes through these forests is quiet and very spooky. The story of the village goes that it was once under the terror of Veerappan, the most dreaded gangster ever.

In the midst of his reign, he had helped a lot of people from those villages and was a God-like figure in those areas. Even the army could not catch him for very long because of his stranglehold on the village and the village eventually became known for him. As per accounts of those who have passed by, lights have been seen floating on these roads and screams have been heard.

In the past, these stories have been attached to forests in order to protect them from people who would come and cut the trees down. At the core of these stories is the idea that the environment needs to be protected. Often, the truth behind these stories lies in facts. Inspector Rishi too believes the same when he enters the plot in this story. What happens to him next? You need to watch the series for that. We’re giving no spoilers.

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