Welcome to Wrexham has become one of the most popular sports documentary over the years. The show is currently in its third season, which premiered on FX on May 2nd, 2024. However, the season is going to feature almost half the number of episodes as compared to the previous seasons. This has already made the audiences await the return of Welcome to Wrexham with a season 4. But is the show renewed for a fourth season? Read on to find out.

Will Welcome to Wrexham Return with Season 4?

As of now, FX has not announced the renewal of Welcome to Wrexham for a season 4. However, considering the popularity of the series, it is likely that the show will return with another season. The acclaimed series has won five Emmy Awards so far, which also add to its chances of renewal. The announcement of season 3 was made soon after the finale of season 2, so a similar trend can be expected this time as well. Season 3 finale is scheduled to air on June 13th, 2024, so we might receive the good news from FX then.

Welcome to Wrexham Season 4

Meanwhile, Shaun Harvey, a member of the Board of Directors of the Wrexham A.F.C. has already given a positive hint that Welcome to Wrexham might return with season 4 considering the monetary benefits of the documentary for the team. “This isn’t my area of expertise, but logic says that if things are successful then they tend to continue,” Harvey said in an interview with The Athletic on being asked about season 4.

“We’ve always described Welcome To Wrexham as the club’s biggest commercial asset. The club’s biggest asset is the fanbase and everything that goes on locally in Wrexham. That will always remain the case. Nothing is bigger than the football club. But what the show does is provide the club with a tremendous marketing platform,” he continued. So now let’s wait for an official confirmation from FX and hope that the network announces the renewal of the series soon. As the EFL league ends in May 2025, we might get to see Welcome to Wrexham Season 4 around the same time.

Welcome to Wrexham Season 4

What will Welcome to Wrexham Season 4 be About?

If the show comes back with season 4, there is enough ground to be covered. Each season of the series covers Wrexham A.F.C.’s matches and behind the scenes footage during each league season. While the team played in the EFL League Two till now, it is going to play in EFL League One for the 2024-2025 season, which will set the ground for Welcome to Wrexham Season 4. The show will once again delve into the performance of the team in the league and also focus on the interpersonal dynamic of the players. Additionally, we will continue to see Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in the series as they face new challenges being the team owners.


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