If you have seen Files of the Unexplained on Netflix, you must have seen the episode about the Myrtles Plantation and the supernatural stories around it. Ghost stories and legends at the Myrtles plantation have been quite the attraction for those hunting supernatural experiences and of course for filmmakers and content creators who have been covering these instances. Check this video out, for instance, these content creators capture the paranormal activities at the Myrtles plantation.

Why is Myrtles Plantation Haunted?

Myrtles Plantation is considered one of the most haunted places in America because of the history associated with it and the ghost encounters it has experienced over the years. It is built over an Indian Burial Ground and has a history of ghosts of people who died during the Civil War appearing as ghosts. One of the more prominent stories related to the place is that of Sara Woodruffs. According to the story, the woman and her two children were poisoned by a woman named Chloe but the mirror on the wall was not covered after her death. It is said that the mirror trapped the spirits of Sara and her children who occasionally appear in the mirror.

What happened to Myrtles Plantation

The origin of this story is that Chloe was either punished or forced into becoming a mistress for Clark Woodruffs, Sara’s husband. Either way, her ear was cut off and she used a green turban to hide the wound. It has been reported from the ghost encounters that a woman wearing a green turban continues to haunt this place. There are other stories too about the place. One of them is about William Drew Winter who is verified to have died in the house after being shot. As per the story, he staggered till the 17th step before dying. As per ghost encounter stories, a man walks up the stairs and begins to stagger on the 17th step.

What Happened to Myrtles Plantation?

The plantation has embraced its reputation as a haunted place and uses it as a marketing tool as it offers its guests a haunted house experience. The place is running as a bed and breakfast. It has been the subject of a lot of content creators but it also houses guests who often visit regularly to the plantation. The place has a 4.6 rating on Google Reviews, and many of these reviews talk about the ghost encounters. The place has been praised for its food and friendly staff. So would you be willing to spend a night in this haunted house?

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