Max’s Hacks has returned with another exciting season. Deborah Vance is now riding high on the success of her standup special, while Ava is going to pursue new opportunities in Los Angeles. As the show features some vibrant visuals, people are excited to know about the filming locations of Hacks Season 3. If you are also keen to know about the same, here are all the deets for you.

Los Angeles, California

While the premise of Hacks is set in Las Vegas, the show was predominately filmed in Los Angeles. LA serves as an ideal filming location for the series as it boasts a diverse range of landscapes, from picturesque beaches to bustling city streets. The city is also home to a vast entertainment industry infrastructure, including studios, sound stages, and post-production facilities. This infrastructure facilitates the production process, making it more efficient and cost-effective for filmmakers. 

Hacks Season 3 Filming Locations

Additionally, LA is a hub for talent, with a large pool of actors, directors, and crew members readily available for productions of all sizes. The city has a favorable climate with abundant sunshine year-round, reducing the risk of weather-related production delays. This consistent weather also contributes to the iconic aesthetic of the series.

Hence, LA has also hosted the production of several other television shows as well. These include Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, Young Sheldon, The Sympathizer, The Office, House of the Dragon, Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Sons of Anarchy, Abbott Elementary, For All Mankind, The Mentalist, Outer Range, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Mandalorian, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and How I Met Your Mother.

Las Vegas, Nevada

As Las Vegas serves as the backdrop of the series, some establishing shots of the new season were filmed in the city. Jean Smart, who plays Deborah Vance, revealed that the cast and crew have shot for only a couple of days in Las Vegas since the first season. “This is the first time I’ve shot a single frame of the show in Vegas,” Smart said in an interview during the filming of Hacks season 3.

Hacks Season 3 Filming Locations

Owing to its lively neighborhood, Vegas has facilitated the filming of a number of shows and films in the past such as The Wolf of Wall Street, Army of the Dead, The Big Short, The Hangover, Iron Man, Now You See Me, The Family Plan, Sympathy for the Devil, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Back to the Future Part II, Million Dollar Baby, and Up in the Air.

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