After impressing the Spanish audience, See You in Another Life is now going to be streamed on Hulu for international viewers. The series tells the real story of Baby, a 16-year-old boy who was involved in transporting explosives that led to the 2004 Madrid train bombings. If you watch the show, you can recognize several spots from Spain that feature in various scenes, making one wonder where was the series filmed. So here is everything you should know about the filming locations of See You in Another Life.

Community of Madrid, Spain

As the real incident took place in Madrid, the production crew utilized several locations in the region to shoot some key sequences of the series. The filming happened across various cities in the Community of Madrid. Apart from the capital city, the cast and crew were spotted shooting for the show in Coslada, Collado Villalba, Alcorcón, Getafe, Móstoles, Villar del Olmo, and Boadilla del Monte.

See You in Another Life Filming Locations

Coslada is known for being an industrial and transportation hub, with a vibrant cultural scene and diverse community, while Collado Villalba is famous for its picturesque landscapes, outdoor activities, and rich history. Alcorcón is recognized for its lively nightlife and for being the perfect blend of urban and suburban living. At the same time, Getafe is famous for its aerospace industry, prestigious university, and soccer team.

Móstoles, on the other hand, often makes news for its lively festivals and cultural heritage, while Villar del Olmo boasts a tranquil countryside and Boadilla del Monte houses residential areas and lush green parks. Owing to the diverse setting of each city, municipality, and town, the production crew got a wide range of settings to serve as a backdrop for See You in Another Life.

Asturias, Spain

See You in Another Life Filming Locations

Some important sequences of the show were shot in the autonomous community of Asturias in Spain. The regions from the community that served as a filming location for the series include Mieres, Avilés, Morcín, Muros de Nalón, and Gijón. Mieres is a town that offers breathtaking views of rugged mountains and the Caudal River, and the town of Avilés is known for its historic buildings like St. Thomas church and Balsera Palace. Morcín and Muros de Nalón and municipalities with close-knit communities, while Gijón is a city known for its coastal line. It is the largest city by population in Asturias and is now an important center of commerce, research and development, education, and tourism.

Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

See You in Another Life Filming Locations

Apart from the above locations, See You in Another Life was also filmed in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, particularly in the Toledo province. The shoot took place in Carranque town and Seseña municipality. Carranque is known for its ancient Roman ruins, such as the Villa of Maternus. Excavation of the site has led to the discovery of several mosaics and historical artifacts. Seseña is the site of the 1936 Battle of Seseña which happened during the Spanish Civil War. The municipality also gained fame due to speculative property projects during the Spanish bubble. 

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