Indonesian film Monster is a horrifying tale full of mystery and thrill. The Netflix movie revolves round two children who are kidnapped by a man, and have to put up a fight for their survival. The film is already making news for its gory and gloomy visuals, making one wonder where was it filmed. So, here are all the filming locations of Netflix’s Monster.

Where was Monster Filmed?

Monster was entirely filmed in Jakrata, the capital of Indonesia. The city is an ideal filming location as it offers variety of settings. Its modern skyline, busy streets, and vibrant markets create a dynamic backdrop for urban stories. Jakarta hosts modern skyscrapers, busy streets, and bustling markets, providing a dynamic backdrop for contemporary urban stories. The city’s iconic landmarks, such as the National Monument (Monas) and the Istiqlal Mosque, offer visually striking settings that capture the essence of Jakarta’s cultural and architectural heritage.

Where was Monster Filmed

Also, Jakarta’s rich cultural tapestry provides filmmakers with opportunities to explore Indonesia’s diverse traditions and customs. From colorful festivals and traditional ceremonies to lively street food scenes, the city’s cultural richness adds depth and authenticity to any production set in the city. Jakarta’s proximity to natural landscapes such as the Thousand Islands and the surrounding countryside offers filmmakers a contrast to the urban hustle and bustle. These scenic locations provide opportunities for filming outdoor scenes, beach scenes, and nature shots, adding visual diversity to film projects. 

Additionally, Jakarta’s well-developed infrastructure, including modern film studios, equipment rental services, and experienced production crews, makes it a practical and convenient choice for filmmakers. The city’s international airport and efficient transportation network further facilitate the logistics of filming in Jakarta.

Despite its challenges, such as traffic congestion and environmental issues, Jakarta’s blend of culture, and natural beauty continues to attract filmmakers from around the world. Hence, the city has also severed as a filming location for several other shows and films. These include Stranger Things, The Raid: Redemption, The Act of Killing, The Night Comes for Us, Dancing Village: The Curse Begins, The Haunted Hotel, After the Dark, and Falling in Love Like in Movies.

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