Lisa Vanderpump is back with more guests, more staff, and more drama! Vanderpump Villa, a new addition to the Vanderpump reality universe is arriving on Hulu. The show follows Lisa along with her hand-picked staff as they manage guests at a luxury hotel in France. As the staff resides together and works to provide a luxurious experience to the guests, friendships are forged, relationships and romances come into the picture, and fights erupt.

The villa where the whole action takes place is an absolute sight to behold. This gives rise to the question that where was Vanderpump Villa filmed. So here is all you need to know about the luxury filming location of the reality series, where the staff resided and worked.

Vanderpump Villa Filming Location

The Vanderpump Villa in reality is a French estate named Château Saint-Joseph, which is called Château Rosabelle in the series. The property is located in Mazerolles-du-Razès commune in Southern France. Originally built as a grand estate for a noble family in 1879, the château has undergone various transformations over the centuries, each leaving its mark on the estate’s architecture and ambiance.

Vanderpump Villa Filming Location

The architecture of the château is classic French style, with fancy designs and a grand appearance. The grounds around the château are stunning, with gardens, vineyards, and old trees creating a peaceful atmosphere. Throughout its history, Château Saint-Joseph has played host to a number of important guests, from aristocrats and dignitaries to artists and intellectuals.

The property is shaped as an “L” and is spread over an area of 32 hectares. The Haussmann-style building is surrounded by a large park, a mini-farm, and a forest. The building features molded ceilings with elegant chandeliers and also hosts pastel wallpapers and parquet flooring. The estate also houses a huge swimming pool, a screening room, a beautiful chapel, and a library. You can check out more about the property on their Instagram:

Interestingly, you can also book the property for stay, weddings, and events, so you can actually go and check out the place where the filming of Vanderpump Villa took place. Talking about the experience of filming the reality show at Château Saint-Joseph, chateau manager Eric Funderwhite said in an interview, “It’s a very intimate and just amazing experience. We do end up integrating with the staff and our guests together as one.”

Vanderpump Villa features the staff members Stephen Alsvig (events coordinator), Anthony Bar (executive chef), Marciano Brunette (lead server), Grace Cottrell (housekeeper), Priscila Ferrari  (server), Hannah Fouch (server), Eric Funderwhite (Château manager), Chauntel “Telly” Hall  (mixologist), Emily Kovacs (housekeeper), Andre Dante Mitchell (mixologist), and Gabriella Sanon (events coordinator).

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