We were really intrigued by ‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’ when it came out on Jio Cinema and the first thing that felt strange about the film was that there was no name given to the city it was based in. If you think closely, there is always a text whenever a movie begins about the city it is based in but strangely there isn’t any. Only later in the film, do we learn of an area in the city called Ratanpura where our protagonist Anil’s house has been captured by an MLA. So we did some digging as usual and we will tell you about where ‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’ is based and shot.

Which city is ‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’ based in?

‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’ is based in a town in Uttar Pradesh called Mau. The number plate of the motorbike Anil rides has a UP 54 number plate. The number plate represents the district Mau. The place Ratanpura, which is shown in the film is also an area in district Mau. The makers have taken some liberty though when it comes to the Jubba Sahni Park. That park is actually in a different state altogether. The park is in Muzaffarpur in Bihar which is a 6-hour drive from Mau. The director of the film Pulkit has another unique connection with Muzaffarpur.

'Dedh Bigha Zameen' city

Remember, the film Bhakshak which came out on Netflix? That film was directed by Pulkit and the film was about a shelter home in Muzaffarpur. Clearly, Pulkit is attached to stories from that UP-Bihar belt where they speak the Bhojpuri language. His films have a unique touch of Bhojpuri and the other unique attributes of that region.

Where is ‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’ shot?

While the film is based in Mau. it has been shot in Jhansi that is in Uttar Pradesh but is 10 hours away by car from Jhansi. The shooting for the film began in August 2021 and ended in September 2021. Jhansi might have been chosen as a filming location for ‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’ because of its proximity to Delhi and other more developed towns. The topography and demography of Jhansi is similar to that of Mau so maybe this was a logistical decision.

‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’ True Story

‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’ is not a true story but it is inspired by the countless cases of forceful land acquisition in Uttar Pradesh. Take this news article for instance. The film’s plot sees a powerful man acquire land from a common man and that is a common occurrence in Uttar Pradesh as common people and government institutions fight against the menace of land acquisition.

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