Netflix’s The Asunta Case has once again brought the horrific true story of the murder of Asunta Basterra, a Chinese-born Spanish girl who was killed at the age of 12 in September 2013. While the names of the main characters in the show have been kept the same as the real personalities, some supporting characters’ names have been changed for dramatic causes. One such character is, Vicente Dozon, the lover of Asunta’s mother, Rosario Porto Ortega. So who is Vicente Dozon in real life, and where is he now? Read on to find out.

The Real Life Story of Vicente Dozon from The Asunta Case

Vicente Dozon is actually a businessman named Manuel Garcia. As seen in the series, Rosario Porto had an affair with him while she was married to Alfonso Basterra. Garcia is described as an energetic and self-assured entrepreneur who was married himself at the time of his affair with Rosario. Their relationship began sometime in 2012 or early 2013 and became the reason behind the divorce of Rosario and Alfonso.

Vicente Asunta Real Life

Rosario was already pissed with Alfonso as she considered him to be an underachiever as he took care of the house but could not do much professionally. She then found a companion in Garcia and soon became obsessed with him. The two met when Rosario worked as a freelance legal advisor and was contacted by Garcia for legal help with relation to an investment deal in Morocco. The two reportedly traveled together to Morocco several times and grew close. However, Garcia did not give Rosario any commitment, citing that he would never leave his wife and children. His wife, meanwhile, was pregnant with another child while his affair went on.

When Alfonso discovered the emails exchanged between his wife and her lover, their marriage crumbled, and the couple filed for divorce in early 2013, much to the shock of Asunta. It was also reported that Alfonso considered Garcia to be a ‘vulgar’ man for carrying out an affair with a married woman.

As seen in the Netflix series, Manuel Garcia came under the radar of Asunta’s murder investigation when Rosario revealed to the Civil Guard police that she was with him a day before the murder. However, his involvement in the case was ruled out by the police, who found out that Garcia was just as shocked to learn about the incident and could not believe that his lover could commit such a crime. He stayed away from the trial and never spoke to the media. He probably did not want his name to be dragged in the case for his family’s sake and hence, his current whereabouts remain unknown.

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