Buying London on Netflix is a show different from anything on a streaming platform albeit this show itself is a version of Selling Sunset. That said, the unique concept has agents work for an estate agent Daniel Daggers who hires agents to sell premium properties to high-profile clients. The first season saw an intense competition between ten contestants who don’t just sell properties but also try to one-up each other and woo their clients by sometimes even flirting with them. So, the spice in this show has viewers asking for a second season. Is a second season in the works for Buying London? This is what we have for you.

Will there be a Buying London season 2?

As of now, there is no update about Buying London season 2 but that doesn’t mean that we can rule out the possibility of a second season being there for Buying London. The show it is based on, Selling Sunset has already had 7 seasons and it is now working on its 8th season so far. So, it is highly likely that Buying London will be announced for a second season soon. Trust us, we will keep you updated as and when that happens.

Buying London already has created a great buzz since the trailer came out on YouTube and the initial reviews of the show are positive.  This is a tried and tested concept so once the show has streamed for a bit and it begins to sparkle its magic over the viewers, Netflix will surely be compelled to renew it.

Buying London Season 2

Is Buying London Scripted?

No, Buying London is not scripted however it seems to have a little bit of drama and reality seems to be amplified a little. It looks scripted because of the use of editing techniques and clever cutting by editors. Viewers have been curious about the same for Selling Sunset.

In an interview, Chrishell Stause, who was a contestant in the show confirmed that the show is not scripted in this interview. She said “Obviously, there are certain things that are a little amped up for the show… but honestly, I don’t really think that they asked him to do that. I mean, who would do that on purpose?”

In this interview, Adam DiVello of Selling Sunset said,  “I can’t tell you how many hours we would sit in an edit bay just working on one scene. I think most reality shows would have turned it out in a day and we’ll spend a week.” Viewers who have seen Selling Sunset have already pointed to similarities between the shows. So, yes, we can safely assume that this show is not scripted.


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