DOM season 3 promised and delivered more than it promised with an exceptional end to a fun series. Pedro in this third season is now a fugitive on the run until he finds himself getting his much-needed refuge in Rocinha, Rio’s largest favela. People have enjoyed the third season so much that they are demanding another season of this series. Is that happening? What’s the update? We bring you everything we know as usual/

Will there be a DOM Season 4?

No, DOM season 4 is not happening and DOM season 3 is where the series ends. At the absolute end of the series, just before the credits, the text on the black screen reveals that Pedro Dom died in 2005. Further, the trailer of the series claimed that this would be the final season for the series. But then, we have seen a successful series continue even after it has ended. Take House of Dragons, for example, it’s a spin-off from Game of Thrones.

So Prime Video might get greedy and announce a spinoff or something that takes this universe forward. What this season needs to do is stream and get the viewership high. It has hit a roadblock in real life as all episodes got leaked as soon as the series was released. So if things work out for this series, we could see a spinoff. Something like Narcos did after Pablo Escobar

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How did Pedro Dom Die in real life?

Pedro was shot by the police in 2005 and he died from the wounds. Defiant till the end, he threw a grenade at the police and tried to run away. He was a flamboyant personality as explained in the film. The then-police chief described him by saying. “He wore good clothes and was accompanied by youths… He terrorized his victims because he was very violent and usually drugged.” Checkout this article about his death.


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