Darkness of Man is a story about Russell Hatch, an old and washed-up Interpol officer who is now fighting hard to save a young kid called Jayden. The film ends with him killing a thousand bad guys and surviving after a billion injuries but the film also has an end that gives a hint for a sequel, which already has us dreading the possibility of a part 2. If you’re wondering why? you can check out our review of the film on our website. Anyway. Here’s what we got from the end of this film.

Darkness of Man Ending Explained

Darkness of Man ends with Russell discovering that Jayden’s grandfather is a criminal. Not just a criminal actually, a head of the mafia. Russell traps him in the most clichéd ending by recording his confession on a wiretap which makes no sense by the way. He killed a zillion people in the film, no reason to leave an old man alive but okay.

By the end of the film, this washed-up man has killed the head of the Russian Mafia, killed a dangerous criminal who took Jayden and recovered from gunshots and knife wounds like they were mosquito bites. So at the end of the film, Russell, his girlfriend, and Jayden are living away from all the violence and sepia tones and the Koreans may come to get him now that everyone is either dead or in jail. So is there a sequel announced?

Darkness of Man Part 2

Will there be a Darkness of Man Part 2?

There is nothing announced so far about a sequel to Darkness of Man but we know that these movies often find acceptance and if fans of Jean-Claude Van Damme like this film for some reason, there could be a chance that the film has a sequel with an even more washed-up Russell who is a family man now.

We do hope that this is it for the film and if a filmmaker wants to use JCVD, they use him like they did in The Expendables 2. The film hasn’t started streaming yet on any platform but when it does, it could generate numbers because a good mindless action flick is the perfect recipe after a tiring day at the office. It could certainly put you to sleep very quickly.

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