Welcome to our Wrestlemania Smackdown Live results and Recap. If you are tuning in late or if you missed the show and do not have the time to catch it. Check out our WWE Wrestlemania Smackdown Results.

KO Show ft. Randy Orton

We kick off the show and there seems to be a buzz around the 19,000 strong crowd with Kevin Owens and Randy Orton doing a setup their match on Sunday for the US Championship. Loud boos for Logan as he appears on the Wrestlemania set. Kevin and Randy go out looking for him. Austin Theory and Grayson Waller follow them. Randy Orton and Kevin Owens drive a Golf cart. Story to continue

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The Battle Royal begins. Ricochet, Bronson Reed and Omos get their entrances. Pretty Deadly and Legado Del Fantasma are eliminated. Cameron Grimes gets eliminated early too. Jinder goes Next. Apollo Crews goes next. Indus Sher goes next. The crowd is a little confused with no Gable or Andrade. Omos and Creeds get eliminated during the break. Cedric and LWO are eliminated. MEAT MANIA is here now. Otis, Bronson, and IVar fight it out. JD McDonagh eliminates Ricochet and gets eliminated by Tozawa. Ivar eliminates Otis and Tozawa if that matters. Reed and Ivar go at it as the last two men.

Bronson Reed wins the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 2024.

A promo by Final Testament hyping up their match. Logan Paul meanwhile is back in the Smackdown arena. Logan walks down to the ring. Logan trash-talks the crowd and his opponents. Surprise Surprise Kevin and Randy are here too. Logan Paul gets a stunner for his troubles and an RKO to follow. Dragon Lee has been attacked backstage. Andrade replacing him ? Zelina Vega has a match now.

Zelina Vegas vs Elektra Lopez

Back-and-forth exchange while the story builds around the attack on Dragon Lee. Good storytelling between Andrade and Zelina too, Zelina should have won but Dom interferes and helps Elektra win. Andrade turns on Legado Del Fantasma and hugs Rey and Zelina. Jade, Naomi and Bianca send a warning out for Damage Control. Andrade replaces Dragon Lee for the match tomorrow.

New Catch Republic vs Grayson Waller. and Theory

Hard hitting action as you’d expect from this match. Grayson Waller hits a great DDT on the apron. Waller and Theory have some miscommunication in the ring. They splitting? Pete Dunne comes up with some great offense. He is one of the most consistent performers on the roaster. All 4 men are putting on a clinic here. New Catch Republic wins. Judgment Day comes and attacks all 4 men and leaves everyone lying down. JD looks strong.

Bailey and Iyo hype their match-up.

LA Knight is here.

Yeahhhh. The crowd went nuts for him and he cut a really strong promo hyping up the match with AJ Styles. The match needs a stipulation though. Doesn’t it? Jey Uso is here.

Jey vs Solo

The match is really physical out here and the brothers are really going at it. There is no shortage of intensity in this one and both of them are really going at it. Solo is showing out. Expect some shenanigans in this one though. Jey dodges a spike and is about to win with a spear and a splash, but Jey interferes. Cody and Seth come for the save. Cody takes out a belt and hands it to Seth who smacks Jimmy before Jey delivers the USO splash. Cody cuts a promo.

The show ends. Over to Wrestlemania weekend.

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