Zero to Hero (Rodeio Rock) has been released on Netflix it is a story right out of the fantasy world but the entire universe of the film is a believably real universe. The film is about a rock wannabe lookalike of a famous musician. The film then follows his journey into the choices he makes and his own identity that he must sacrifice to embrace this new identity. The film has got a great release on Netflix. Is it worth your time on a weekday? Let us find out. Meanwhile, check out the trailer.

Zero to Hero (Rodeio Rock) Review

When a director takes the surreal route to filmmaking, he must follow it up with a narrative so profound that the choice seems legitimate. Director Marcelo Antunez makes that choice and does not disappoint. It would have been a bland film if the conflict that the central character goes through would not have been at the center of the screenplay. The screenplay is written by writer and he does a fabulous job of keeping things subtle even while a part of this plot might have needed some amount of exaggeration.

The subtlety of the film however is what makes it believable. You are sucked into believing a story that might not be possible in real life but makes complete sense in the world of this film and it also takes you on an emotional roller-coaster that you are happy to go on. The direction of this film is amazing and from the first frame, you know you are on a ride that is more than a nothing-to-something story but also a story about the trials and tribulations fame brings with it and how you can never really understand life until you have been in their shoes.

The writing of the film is very good and adds believability to the story. The central characters are all very believable and have an emotional curve to them. The editing and music of the film are brilliant and provide the soul to this film. The length of the film is perfect and the music really adds to the overall effect that the film creates particularly in a film where music is a central plot of the film. The biggest credit for the film must go to the cinematographer of the film. The film is a visual delight and beautiful in every sense of the word. Do watch this one for a ride that will leave you satisfied by the end of it.

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