The heartwarming family comedy Gullak is returning with its fourth season. The show perfectly captures the essence of the small-town Indian middle-class family through the Mishras. ‘Gullak Season 4’ is going to focus on a grown-up Aman, and how his auditing becomes a parenting challenge for Santosh and Shanti. As you prepare to binge-watch the show, here are 5 best episodes from the previous seasons of Gullak that you can watch first.

1. Season 2 Episode 5, Kiraana

Kiraana marked a big day for the Mishra family as both the sons had their big days: Aman was about to get the license for his gas agency, while Aman’s board results were also going to be declared. The season 2 finale had a bittersweet ending, making it one of the best epsidoes.

2. Season 3 Episode 5, Izzat Ki Chamkaar

This episode marked a shift in perspective for many characters. While Santosh survives a heart attack and recovers in the hospital, he realizes that doing what you love is more important than following society, and gives a life-changing lesson to Annu. At the same time, Aman realizes that he should pursue Arts instead of science, as his family wished earlier.

Gullak Best Episodes

3. Season 3 Episode 3, Agua

The matchmaking episode! Agua featured Santosh Mishra arranging a marriage between his friend’s daughter and her suitor. But as Shanti spends some time with the girl, she realizes that the girl does not feel respected by the prospective groom. The famil challenged societal norms in the episode.

4. Season 2 Episode 3, Saparivaar

Pinky Mama’s daughter Raanu is getting married. Annu’s family is all excited and ready to help, but their happiness disappears when the wedding invite arrives without mentioning ‘Saparivaar’

5. Season 2 Episode 2, Cheeni Kam, Paani Zyaada

Shanti is diagnosed with diabetes after attending a free medical camp. At the same time, a kitty party is inching closer, which Shanti does not want to cancel. Santosh then convinces the boys to do all the preparations for the party. The episode beautifully showcased the family dynamics.

When will ‘Gullak Season 4’ Return with New Episodes?

‘Gullak Season 4’ will be released on Sony Liv on June 7. The show will have 5 episodes.

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