Noémie Schmidt has impressed one and all with her amazing performance in Netflix’s Anthracite. The actress plays Ida in the show, a tech-savvy geek who is searching for her missing father while also helping Jaro to prove his innocence in a murder case. If you liked Schmidt’s portrayal in the show and want to check out more of her work, we have got you covered. Here are 5 shows and films starring Noémie Schmidt that you can check out.

1. Inside (2019)

Noémie Schmidt Shows and Films

Before Anthracite, Noémie Schmidt was seen in the 2019 French series Inside aka À l’intérieur. In the series, a violent crime occurs in a mental health facility involving Ana, a 28-year-old patient. She’s discovered murdered, smothered, and with her heart removed. Schmidt plays the lead Angèle, a 29-year-old rookie cop, who leads the investigation. She finds the inmates more engaging than “normal” people but struggles with trust and unraveling the facility’s secrets, including those of the psychiatrist couple in charge. The case challenges her perceptions of mental illness as she learns new truths about staff-patient relationships in the facility.

2. Versailles (2015-2018)

Noémie Schmidt Shows and Films

Schmidt ventured into the historical drama genre with Versailles, a co-production of France and Canada. Set in 17th-century France during the reign of King Louis XIV, the show follows the ambitious monarch as he transforms a hunting lodge into the extravagant palace of Versailles while facing political intrigue, power struggles, and personal relationships. Schmidt portrays the role of Henrietta of England, the wife of Phillipe I, Duke of Orléans, brother of the king. She had the main role in the first season, followed by a guest role in the second season.

3. Paris Is Us (2019)

Paris Is Us is a French film that follows Anna (Schmidt) and Greg (Grégoire Isvarine) meet at a party where sparks fly between them. Greg, seeking adventure in life, moves to Barcelona for a job and urges Anna to join him. Anna, however, is content with her life in Paris and initially declines. When Greg becomes frustrated with her perceived lack of ambition, Anna agrees to join him but misses her flight, which crashes. On somehow surviving the crash, Anna spirals into confusion and loses her grip on reality.

4. The Awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch (2018)

Schmidt has also starred in a Swiss film titled The Awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch. The movie follows the life of Motti, a young Orthodox Jew from Zurich who is expected to marry a woman chosen by his mother. However, he finds himself drawn to Laura, a non-Jewish woman, played by Schmidt. Despite his attraction, he faces pressure to conform to tradition, leading to a lot of drama and comic situations. The film was appreciated for its humor and storyline and was Switzerland’s official entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards, though it was not nominated.

5. Radin! (2016)

Radin! is a French film that traces the journey of François Gautier, a talented violinist, who is infamous for his extreme stinginess. He lives a solitary life, his only friend being his bank manager. But when a new cellist, Valérie, falls for him, and his daughter Laura (Schmidt) who believes him to be a wealthy philanthropist, enters his life, things turn upside down for him. Gautier then has to find the delicate balance between his true identity and the expectations of those around him to avoid dire consequences.

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