Undekhi doesn’t get talked about in the same breath as a Family Man or Mirzapur but it should, to be honest. It is one of the OG Indian web series that doesn’t spend much on budget or stars but provides great entertainment always. Season 3 is no different. The entire series is shot in a hilly town and features less popular but more talented artists. Here is our review of Undekhi Season 3. 

5 Things that make Undekhi season 3 a must watch

Great action

Violence as they say is the most fun thing to watch when done well and this season has a lot of violence but the violence has some sense added to it. Where most web series in India fail is the unnecessary gun-slinging action. This series doesn’t have any of that yet seems more violent than them. The first shot of the series sets the template for the series. 

Beautiful Locations

The locations are beautiful and the irony created through the beauty of the locations and the ugliness of the actions by people comes out very evidently. The bloodshed in hills looks even more beautiful for a viewer. The director has used locations very well to convey a storyline that has its moment of actions and peace


Sometimes when a series enters its third season, it almost seems like the story is stretched a lot and done for the sake of it. But not in Undekhi Season 3. This story has many new characters and those characters keep adding to the story without looking forced. The writers have worked very hard in this one and the filmmaking matches the quality of writing

Harsh Chaaya, Divyendu Bhatta and Varun Badola

Undekhi Season 3

While there are many good performances in this series, these three veterans are the best actors of this show. They have their characters very well defined and do not let go of their performances. Every time Harsh Chaaya is on the screen, the mood of the show gets uplifted.

Fast Paced Story

The story progresses at a very fast pace and the audience is always glued to their screen. We did not miss a single minute of the action and always clicked next episode by default. From the beginning to the end, there is something or the other happening in every single scene of the series.

So, don’t waste a single minute and log on to Sony live to watch this series

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