A journey is another offering from Netflix Philippines which seems like a gift that keeps giving. After Rewind a couple of weeks ago which tickled our emotions in a way that no other film has done. Just when we thought it could not get better, they dropped A Journey on Netflix and that has transcended us into an emotional zone we did not think existed. So, here we are with our review of A Journey.

A Journey on Netflix Review

A Journey is a careful dissection of human emotion and desires and an analysis of life as an experience rather than an event. The story is about a person who refuses to take cancer treatment and instead fulfills her bucket list. While, the idea of the story might not be the most novel, the treatment certainly is. Sometimes, in such films, the writers make it too positive or too much of a tearjerker. A fine balance usually works best for the film so when the film ends, you are satisfied as a viewer and have a lot to take home and learn from the journey of the characters.

The makers of A Journey have kept a fine balance in what they are trying to do with this film. They say a lot but they also leave enough unsaid while making this film. We must give a big shoutout to the writers of this film because this script is one to cherish forever. From the choice of bucket list tasks to character journeys, this is an impressively written film that takes every character to its ultimate goal

The film is directed by RC Delos Reyes who has done an impeccable job of creating a world around a bucket list. From the choice of shots to the composition to its texture and color everything works for A Journey. But nothing works better than the chemistry of Paolo Contis, Patrick Garcia, and Kaye Abad. They are three beautiful people having the time of their lives in this film. As an audience, it is very evident, that there are many things you can do as a filmmaker but there is one intangible which nothing can substitute and that is chemistry between the actors of the film.

This film goes straight into our recommendation list and should go straight into your watchlist. Watch this on a weekend to wake up fresh on a Monday morning as you look forward to a hectic week ahead. We give this film a solid 8/10. Watch it now.

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