Netflix’s A Man in Full is a gripping drama series that follows the fall of an Atlanta-based business tycoon and real estate mogul Charlie Croker as he tries to defend his business from everyone who wants to benefit from his bankruptcy and misfortune. From skyscrapers to modest houses, the storyline of the show takes place across a variety of locations. So where was A Man in Full filmed? Read on to know all the filming locations of the series.

Atlanta, Georgia

The entire filming of A Man in Full took place in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia. The shoot began in the city on August 8th, 2022, and continued till December 10th of the same year. As the premise of the show is set in Atlanta, it made sense for the production team to film the series in the same city.

 The Truist Plaza in Atlanta stands in as the office building of Croker in the series. Standing at 265 meters tall with 60 stories, the building was designed by John C. Portman Jr. and completed in 1992. Originally named One Peachtree Center, it became SunTrust Plaza when half of it was sold to SunTrust Banks in the mid-1990s. Following a merger of SunTrust Banks and BB&T, it was renamed Truist Plaza in 2021.

A Man in Full Filming Locations

The building, also known as 303 Peachtree, boasts a roof height of 871 feet and a total height of 902 feet including its antenna. Once the 28th tallest building globally, it’s now outside the top 400, ranking 55th in the US and second in Atlanta. Although struck by a tornado in 2008, Truist Plaza sustained less damage compared to neighboring buildings, however, some offices in the building were temporarily relocated due to broken windows.

Another prominent location from the city that features in A Man in Full is the atrium at Uptown Atlanta, situated at 500 Lindbergh Drive North East, Atlanta. The place features office space as well as retail stores and a shopping mall. There is also a gathering area with a glass ceiling offering natural lighting, along with some luxurious restaurants.

Where was A Man in Full Filmed

Atlanta has been gaining prominence as an important filming location in the last few years. The city has hosted the production of several famous films and television shows, apart from A Man in Full. These include The Walking Dead, Civil War, Stranger Things, The Resident, The Vampire Diaries, Jurassic World Dominion, Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Ford v Ferrari, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Jumanji: The Next Level, and The Suicide Squad.

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