Hulu’s latest high school film Prom Dates is a hilarious blend of the themes of friendships, teenage romances, and queerness. The film follows two best friends who want to have the best prom night, but to their surprise, their dates break up with them just in time for the big day. The two then go to extreme measures to find new dates before the event begins. From crazy party scenes to cozy sequences at home, Prom Dates offers a variety of visuals, making one wonder about its filming locations. So here is all we know about where the movie was filmed.

Syracuse, New York

The entire filming of Prom Dates took place in the city of Syracuse in New York. The cameras started rolling for the project in May 2023 and the shoot concluded the very next month in June 2024. The production team hired some 1,300 local people to feature as background actors in the film, particularly for the prom and college party scenes.

Some sequences of the film were shot at Syracuse University, located at 900 South Crouse Avenue, Syracuse. The institute served as the perfect backdrop for filming the scenes involving the school and college of Hannah and Jess. Established in 1870, the university was initially affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church, but became nonsectarian in 1920.

Prom Dates Filming Locations

Situated in Syracuse’s University Hill area, the campus boasts diverse architecture, blending nineteenth-century Romanesque Revival with contemporary styles. With 13 schools and colleges, it’s classified as an “R1: Doctoral University – Very high research activity.” Some notable personalities, including President Joe Biden, are an alumnus of Syracuse University.

Syracuse is ideal for filming due to its diverse geography, rich history, and vibrant community. Its location in Upstate New York offers filmmakers a variety of landscapes, from scenic lakes and rolling hills to industrial urban settings. This versatility allows for a wide range of storytelling possibilities, whether capturing the beauty of nature or the grittiness of urban life.

Moreover, Syracuse’s historical significance adds depth and authenticity to film projects. With its roots dating back to the 19th century and its former status as a major industrial center, the city’s architecture and landmarks provide a visually compelling backdrop for period pieces or contemporary dramas.

Hence, Syracuse has hosted the filming of several films and shows before Prom Dates, including The Night House, Slap Shot, Manodrome, Crush, Big Time Adolescence, Adult World, Gabriel’s Inferno: Part One, On the Count of Three, The Express, Odd Man Rush, Looks That Kill, Gabriel’s Rapture, and Night of Something Strange.

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