Música is a fresh take on musicals by director Rudy Mancuso, who also stars in the film as Rudy, a young man who always has music stuck in his head. As Rudy comes to terms with an uncertain future, he tries to balance his love life and family. Those who have watched the film (or even the trailer) must be aware of the impressive shots taken in the movie, giving rise to the question of where was all it filmed. So let’s have a look at the filming locations of Prime Vdieo’s Música.

Newark, New Jersey

In the film, Rudy belongs to a Brazilian family that has settled in Newark, New Jersey. Since the premise of the film is set there, the production crew majorly shot the film in the same city. A number of outdoor as well as indoor sequences were taped at various sites across Newark. Newark offers a diverse and vibrant urban backdrop that can enrich storytelling with its unique character and atmosphere.

Música Filming Locations

The city provides various filming locations, from historical landmarks to modern landscapes, allowing for versatile settings. Moreover, the city’s proximity to major metropolitan areas like New York City enhances accessibility for cast, crew, and equipment. Hence, Newark has served as a filming site for several other films as well. These include Joker, The Dark Knight Rises, The Irishman, A Beautiful Mind, West Side Story, The Many Saints of Newark, War of the Worlds, The Trial of the Chicago 7, and You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.

Other Locations in New Jersey

The filming of Música also took place in other cities in New Jersey, namely Hoboken, and Clifton. Hoboken is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and scenic waterfront. Nestled along the Hudson River, it boasts stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. Historically, it’s famous as the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, one of America’s most iconic singers. The city has also facilitated the production of films like Once Upon a Time in America and The Kill Room.

Música Filming Locations

On the other hand, Clifton is famous for its beautiful parks, like Weasel Brook Park. The city is also recognized for its diverse community, with people from various cultural backgrounds living harmoniously. The city is known for its delicious food, with many restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines. Earlier, films like Donnie Brasco and The Wrestler were filmed in Clifton.

North Yorkshire, England

Where was Música Filmed

A few sequences of Música were filmed in North Yorkshire, particularly in the town of Harrogate. The town is known for its elegant Victorian architecture and stunning gardens. It is also famous for hosting prestigious events like the Harrogate International Festival and the Great Yorkshire Show. Harrogate is also celebrated for its tea culture, with quaint tearooms serving delightful afternoon teas. Moreover, it’s known for its vibrant shopping scene, offering a mix of independent boutiques and well-known brands.

West Yorkshire, England

Música Shoot Locations

Finally, a portion of the movie was also filmed in the city of Bradford in West Yorkshire, England. The city is known for its rich industrial heritage as the former wool capital of the world. It’s famed for its diverse population, reflecting a blend of cultures from South Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean. The city is renowned for its vibrant curry houses, earning it the title “Curry Capital of Britain” multiple times.

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