The fifth episode of Acapulco has been released on Apple TV+, which means we are in the midway of the ten-episode season, are things have started to get more exciting, The episode, titled Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This, majorly focuses on the inauguration of Julia’s dress shop. However, it ends with a heartbreaking event in the present day that surprises the audience. If you are still not over the ending of Acapulco season 3 episode 5, we have explained it here for you.

Acapulco Season 3 Episode 5 Ending: Did Julia Meet Maximo in the Resort in the Present Day?

The episode begins with Maximo waiting for Julia in the resort in the present day, along with Joe. He seems extremely excited to meet her after so long and tells the receptionist to inform him as soon as she arrives. The narrative then moves to the past in 1984, showcasing the opening event of Julia’s dress showroom.

Acapulco Season 3 Episode 5 Ending

As Julia gets ready to fulfill her dream, she is supported by Maximo’s family, which only makes her miss her own family. Maximo, in order to make her happy, secretly invites her parents from Columbia to the event. However, when Julia finds this out, she gets upset stating that her rich parents have rarely shown love towards her.

Meanwhile, Sara meets the woman she earlier came across in the queue and the two instantly connect. The pair heads to a beach where they have a heart-to-heart conversation and end up making out. In the present day, Hugo feels weird listening to the story about his mother’s lovemaking session.

As the episode progresses and Diane announces the inauguration of the dress shop, Julia feels a little nervous while giving an opening speech. And while Maximo and she waits for her parents to arrive, they eventually cancel the plan. Julia feels sad but is not surprised and finds solace with Maximo. The two have a heartfelt conversation and only feel closer to each other.

Cut to, the present day, Maximo is narrating the whole incident to Hugo and is waiting for the arrival of Julia in the rest. However, to his disappointment, the receptionist tells him that nobody with the name Julia has checked into the resort. He then goes out, reminiscing on the old times he spent with Julia. The future episodes will probably reveal what exactly went wrong between the two in the past as they did seem to get along well earlier.

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