Crime Scene Berlin: The Nightlife Killer is a series on the Berlin Darkroom Killer of 2012. The series is another addition to the plethora of true-crime documentaries by Netflix. This one has a lot of narrations and witness accounts by the victims who survived, the investigative officers, and some experts. Like all True Crime documentaries, this one tries retelling the incidents with the use of creative representation and statements. We try to go a little step further as we try to understand the complete story of the Darkroom Killer

Who was the Darkroom Killer from Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer?

The Darkroom killer was a man named Dirk P. He was caught by the German Police after he strangled and killed three people. He was given the name of the Darkroom Killer because of a murder he committed in a sex room when he was with a man at a gay bar in Berlin. The Darkroom killer managed to go with his crime for a long time before finally getting caught after he used a credit card that he stole from one of his victims. Read this Story on his arrest.

One of Dirk’s victims was actually an old friend. In the movie, Darkroom which came out in 2019 in Germany, a character named Lars committed murders in the same vein as that of the Darkroom Killer. In that film, Lars was shown to have a relationship with the person he poisoned and killed. His fascination with murdering people and robbing them reportedly had nothing to do with him robbing them for money instead it was about a certain kick that he got by murdering them.

A central point of the entire killing episode is his fascination with liquid ecstasy. He used it to kill his friend in his own house and also poisoned another victim on the street by spiking his drink with liquid ecstasy. The third victim as is common knowledge now, survived and reached the hospital. A man who robs and poisons people for the kick that he gets through it? It certainly sounds weird. He was arrested after he used a robbed card for a transaction through which he was traced.

As a reader, there are questions we want to pose for you. Do you feel he could have been helped if there had been more discussions on mental health?

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