Netflix has always been the pioneer when it comes to true-crime investigative documentaries, but this one is a little different from their usual template of a true-crime documentary. This series comes from the makers of the Jeffery Epstein documentary, and the pacing of the series makes it evident that they are here to tell a story from start to finish. The show is about Berlin’s infamous Darkroom killer who killed three men in one night after drugging them. The killer was caught with the help of a survivor of his attacks and a train ticket which he had bought from the debit card of one of the dead men. So is it a good watch? Let us find out

Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer Review

Netflix has a history of doing True Crime documentaries in a way that no one else can but this one specific documentary is different from the way they usually do their documentaries. It helps that there is very little information available about the killer and according to various outlets, the crime was under-reported too. However, the aspects that were explored in this documentary certainly let a lot of cats out of the bag.

The documentary tells the story of a gay man who frequents Berlin’s gay clubs and experiments on them with liquid ecstasy. He killed three people in a matter of weeks. Two men survived too as help came for them. The series involves narrative reconstruction along with testimonies from victims and investigative officers. The event was also covered in the 2019 German movie Darkroom.

A Still from Darkroom

If you are a fan of documentary filmmaking, this is going to redefine the way you are going to look at documentaries. This is one series that you will keep going back to because of how audacious it is. Whenever a filmmaker in today’s world touches a subject that relates to an LGBTQ narrative, he is taking a risk, particularly with this kind of narrative where the killer belongs to the community.

But the makers of this series have made it a point to keep any social and political narrative out of this series and focus only on the facts and happenings in this case. At a time when Netflix is being heavily criticized for forced representation, this series is going to go a long way in them proving themselves as inclusive yet independent creators. For us, this is a must-watch series and quite the study in docuseries making. We definitely recommend this series to everyone.

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