This has to be the messiest and at the same time, the most confusing episode of Doctor Who so far. The whole episode happens and doesn’t happen at the same time. Like what? Yeah, read on. In this episode called 73 Yards, a woman keeps following Ruby when the Doctor and Ruby go to Wales for their next adventure. The prime minister of Wales in 2046 is a man who has nuclear warfare on his mind and they are talking about it when they break the fairy circle. Now the Doctor abandons Ruby here. We’ll know why later. Ruby grows old in this episode. Ok, so an important detail must be mentioned here. When they break the fairy circle which is supposed to be full of mysteries and spells, Ruby finds a message that reads Mad Jack Rest in Peace. Now when anyone goes near this woman who is following her, they act weird and run away.

Doctor Who 73 Yards Ending Explained

So now living in London for a while, in this time and world, Ruby sees the evil prime minister they talked about earlier, a man named Roger ap Gwilliam is campaigning to be the prime minister. Ruby joins his campaign to be sure only to discover that this is the man they call Mad Jack.

When he becomes the prime minister, he takes over Pakistan’s nuclear resources and plans to blow up the world. Only, when he’s about to make this announcement, the woman who would stand 73 yards away from Ruby stands right where he’s making the announcement and scares him off. In the news, they announce him quitting his job.

Years pass and Ruby grows old still talking to the TARDIS when she finds that same old woman coming near her in a hospital. She realizes that it is an older version of her only. So going back in time, as they conveniently do in this series, this old woman stops Doctor from stepping on the fairy circle and vanishes.

So in a way, whatever happened in this episode actually never happened because Ruby from the future came and stopped them from getting into the fairy circle. And the nuclear war didn’t happen either so everyone’s happy and now they can get back to telling the long-term story. Also, what’s with the woman who keeps turning up again and again? The hiker from this episode. Guess we’ll find out soon

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