Ripley is the latest Netflix series, and it stars the brilliant Andrew Scott, who plays the character of Tom Ripley. The story follows the life of Tom Ripley, a small time con-artist who is hired to bring the son of a ship merchant, Dickie Greenleaf back. The series is based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith and the character has become an inspiration for many films and series, this being the latest. There are questions about the series and around the characters that are being asked about the series. There is a specific question about his sexuality. Let us try to find the answers to it. One question that seems to be on the top of everyone’s mind. Does Tom Ripley love Dickie Greenleaf? Here is a bit about Tom Ripley’s Sexuality.

Ripley On Netflix: Is Tom Ripley Gay?

There is no clear evidence that Tom Ripley is Gay or Bisexual. However, it is clear from every interpretation of the novel that Tom Ripley has a fascination with Dickie Greenleaf and probably an attraction towards men that he hasn’t clearly acknowledged. Throughout the story and his time with Dickie Greenleaf, Tom experiences some sort of attraction towards him and is even envious of his interactions with women.

However, if we go deep into the series of novels about Ripley, he later gets married and is also able to keep his wife happy in bed. The character of Ripley, unlike the series, is not black and white, This is a man who is not your average person and does not have the traits of a normal sociable man. He goes ahead and kills the man he is fond of and assumes the identity of Dickie Greenleaf. What can be interpreted from his actions and from an interview that the author of the book gave to Sight and Sound in 1988 is that while Tom Ripley is fond of other men and their good looks, he is not gay.

Is Tom Ripley Gay?

So does he love Dickie Greenleaf? Well no we don’t think so. We think he is actually very fond of a man who has everything that a human could ask for according to Ripley. Tom Ripley grew up as an orphan who had a hard childhood, it is easy to understand why he has the frame of mind that he has now. So do you agree with our interpretation? Do let us know in your comments below.


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