Farrey staring Alizeh Agnihotri did not do well in its run on the big screen but it has generated quite the buzz upon its OTT release on the Zee5 platform. The film is about Niyati and Akaash who become a part of a cheating scandal that puts their careers at risk. Farrey is produced by Salman Khan and it is directed by Soumendra Padhi who is known for his direction in the Netflix series Jamtara. Ever since the film came out people have been wondering whether the story is based on a true story. Let us find out.

Is Farrey Based on a True Story?

No, the film Farrey is not based on one specific incident, but the use of chits for cheating in exams is a common occurrence in India and might have been an inspiration for the makers of the film. The film also talks about the issue of mass cheating in examinations and in the recent past, there have been many instances where mass cheating reports have come out through the media.

Check out this report where students were caught on video as they were cheating in their exams. The problem is all pervasive and spread across the nation. In multiple reports, we have seen parents helping students out in their cheating endeavors too. In another incident which was reported from Gurugram, it was reported that photocopy machines were churning out chits of paper.

As technology has progressed, there have been innovative ways to cheat too. As most of the exams are now being conducted online, cases of false identity and other such issues have become very common.  The film also shows the use of phones which has become very common in exams of late. Check out this report by the Times of India where cases of cheating with the use of mobile phones have been mentioned and it also mentions how difficult it is to tackle them.

The film however has also allegedly been inspired by the Thailand movie Bad Genius. The makers have Indianized the film though and included instances that are common in India. However, it has to be pointed out that the cases of mass cheating so far have been seen mostly in government schools. The film however showcases an upmarket school where such a thing is carried out. This may also be a decision that is influenced by an aesthetic decision as a production.

Farrey True Story
Based in an upmarket school

The film also shows the pressure that students are under in India and how complicated the education system is in India. Students often cheat to avoid getting low marks which can jeopardize their future. There are many ways by which students cheat. These include using chits, using mobile phones, bribing examiners, fake identities, and answer sheet manipulation. Such films can bring these topics into the limelight and it is important to tackle the menace of cheating in exams.

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