Frankie Muniz has revealed why he once walked off the sets of his show Malcolm In The Middle and didn’t return for two episodes. The actor is an Emmy award winner for the Fox sitcom, where he played the title character. Since he was featured in every episode of the show, it is possible that pre-shot footage featuring the actor was added. Generally in TV shows, the crew records “cold opens” – standalone comic scenes that run before the opening credits – out of sequence with the rest of the production. 

Frankie Muniz Walked Off the Sets of Malcolm In The Middle

Muniz was a part of the popular sitcom when he was 13 years old from 2000 to 2006. He recollected the event to his recent camp mates of his recent reality series I’m a Celebrity…. Get Me Out of Here! He said, “There were two episodes I’m not in. I walked off the set”. According to the 38-year-old actor, the onset of tension and the behavior of certain people was the reason behind his exit. 

He stated, “Everyone was so afraid to stand up when certain people were controlling or rude or disrespectful. Like they walked on pins and needles”. The actor further added, “I was so mortified by seeing people afraid to stand up for themselves, I was like: Say something. I didn’t care if they told me I was never going back, because it was worth it to me. It helped that the show was based around me.”

Frankie Muniz Malcolm In The Middle

Muniz Retired from Acting to Pursue Open-Wheel Racing

The actor after working for 6 years retired to pursue open-wheel racing and exclaimed that he is much happier after leaving the entertainment industry. During a conversation with, he said, “I never felt like I fully fit in the Hollywood world, even though I was in the world. I was nominated for Emmys and Golden Globes, and I was going to all this stuff, and I was there, and I was like, how am I here?”

Adding more, he said, “I hated LA, so I kind of stayed in my own little world, my own little bubble. And moving to Arizona, I did it on a whim, and I realized immediately that I started looking up.” Further while stating his happiness he mentioned, “I started enjoying looking at trees and birds in the sky. Going to the grocery store was a fun thing. You don’t get that in LA. It’s a miserable experience.”

The American actor is also part of hit movies like Agent Cody Banks, Big Fat Liar, and Racing Stripes.

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