Gullak Season 4 is a delight to watch in one word as Sony Liv’s marquee show comes back with its adorable Sharma family bringing the day-to-day problems of a middle-class household to the fore in this relatable show that has gained an incredible cult following. The season sees its cast of Jameel Khan, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, and Harsh Mayar return to play their iconic roles in the family. So does season 4 live up to the hype of the previous few seasons? Find out


Gullak Season 4 Review – What’s Good?

The first thing to appreciate about this show is its funny dialogues and incredible script writing. Shreyansh Pandey and team have grabbed the pulse of the Indian middle class right where it is most sensitive by portraying a beautiful amalgamation of relationships and chemistry. Characters like Bittu ki Mummy are hilarious in their little roles and they make you laugh because they are so relatable. The best part about this show is that you’ve seen people around you behave this way so a common family conversation while watching the show will be about a relative or a neighbor who resembles these characters. Jameel Khan’s acting is brilliant in the fourth season. His relationship with his sons is most important in the show and he does very well in playing a father that we have all seen our fathers be. Geetanjali Kulkarni is an ace performer and she always very good but in season 4, she really comes into her own. Harsh Mayar really comes into his own in this season and comes of age quite literally. Vaibhav Raj Gupta is soon establishing himself as a popular choice for lead roles and you could soon see him doing more popular roles in bigger films.

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Gullak Season 4 Review – What’s Bad?

Very little actually. This is a very simple show that does not try to compete with other big-budgeted shows and this is its forte’ and it should carry on that way. If we had to point something out though, the show deals with a sensitive subject in this season (no spoilers), maybe that could have been handled a bit more maturely and some focus could have gone away from the family and on the social aspects of that issue.

Gullak Season 4 Review
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Gullak Season 4 Review – Overall Verdict

Overall Gullak is a simple and compete show that will leave the audience satisfied by the time it ends. You will enjoy every moment of this beautiful show and would love to watch it with your family. Go for it and watch it all at once right away.

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