Hacks Season 3 inching toward its finale and things are looking pretty exciting for Deborah at least. The Max comedy series dropped the seventh and eighth episodes of the third season on Thursday, and as expected, these were a laugh riot. At the same time, the story has also moved forward as Deborah gets a piece of exciting news. If you are pondering over the ending of Hacks Season 3 Episode 8, we have got you covered.

Hacks Season 3 Episode 8 Ending: Did Deborah Get The Late Night Show Gig?

In the episode, Deborah and Ava return from Berkeley, believing Deborah lost her chance at hosting the Late Show. They think so after reading a profile by a powerful journalist who had mixed reviews about her work but commended Deborah for listening to those she offended and vowing to be more empathetic.

Just when Deborah thought she lost her chance, Jimmy arrives with good news: the network didn’t cancel her test show because she was out of the running, but because she already proved herself during her guest-host stint. So yes, Deborah has achieved her dream of getting her own late-night show gig, and it will be interesting to see how she manages it.

Hacks Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

Hacks Season 3 Episode 8 Ending

Deborah is close to getting the Late Night hosting job, competing against an X Games personality. Her test show is scheduled soon. However, a scheduling mistake means she has to be in two places at once: Berkeley for an honorary doctorate and an interview, and Palm Springs Pride to launch House of Vance. Determined to do both, Deborah heads to Berkeley.

At Berkeley, Deborah and Ava meet Meena Elahi, a tough journalist. Their campus tour is interrupted by students watching a viral video of Deborah’s offensive past jokes, leading to protests against her honorary degree. Deborah doesn’t want to apologize, believing comedians shouldn’t say sorry for jokes. Ava suggests she take responsibility, but Deborah refuses, reflecting a common stance in the comedy world. 

Deborah decides to win over the Gen-Z crowd at Berkeley by attending an improv show and a frat party. During the party, Jimmy calls with bad news: her test show is canceled without explanation. In a tense scene with Ava, Deborah vents about being “canceled” and how unfair it is. Berkeley then cancels her degree ceremony, leading to a heated exchange with Marcus, her usually calm assistant, who finally loses his patience. This confrontation pushes Deborah to attend a student town hall, where she apologizes for her past jokes and listens to the students.

Meanwhile, Marcus is in Palm Springs dealing with upset fans and work challenges. Fans are angry that Deborah isn’t there, and he worries about their company’s future if Deborah gets the talk show. Marcus also has a personal setback with a one-night stand gone wrong. He reflects on his job and the pressures he faces. A conversation with Reggie, a loyal fan, reminds him of Deborah’s genuine connection with her supporters. This helps Marcus rethink his dedication to his demanding job and the need for personal balance.

By the end, Deborah gets her gig, which sets the stage for next week’s finale.

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