Honeymoonish is a Kuwaiti romantic comedy about a couple who discover that they are opposites on their honeymoon. Honeymoonish blends humor and comedy to deliver a funny and meaningful film that will stay with its viewers for a very long time. The film starts off with Noor and Hamad, two people who are at an age where they need to get married. Once marriage happens, they discover that they were not meant for each other maybe. Is this film good? Read our review of ‘Honeymoonish’ to find out. Watch the trailer of the film here.

Honeymoonish Review

The film is directed by Elie Semaan who creates humor by keeping the camera still and letting the actors perform. The actors in this film have performed the humorous scenes with great comic timing particularly Nour El Ghandour who is hilarious in the scene where she is trying to seduce Hamad.

Honeymoonish Review

Eiad Saleh’s script  is full of humor and funny moments and later on in the film, it becomes a love story which is nice to watch. The film starts off as an out and out comedy movie where Noor and Hamad are  opposites but with time and through different situations, they find a way to co-exist together through hilarious situations.  The film has a lot of funny moments but the best parts of the film are the emotional ones towards the end of the film.

The film is also the first Netflix film from Kuwait and it might open the doors for many films and series from that region. The editing of the film is crisp and the length of the film being 1 hour 40 minutes really works for the film. The scenes don’t linger on and the story keeps moving forward. The music of the film is uplifting and the cinematography is decent but doesn’t add much to the film.

Overall, we would definitely like to recommend this film as a mid-week watch. It is an easy film to watch but it will have a good run on Netflix because of the infinite funny moments in the film. It is relatable content too so people will remember the jokes of the film and remember the journey of Noor and Hamad. Without giving spoilers, the end of the film is one to watch out for.

Our rating for this film is a solid 8/10. Also, more of such films please Netflix? We are bored of your repetative thrillers and true crime

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