FX on Hulu’s The Veil is an exciting thriller series that revolves around two women, one of whom is harboring a dangerous secret, which the other one needs to expose in order to save thousands of lives. The series takes place across various places from Paris to Istanbul, featuring some fascinating visuals. This makes one question where was the series filmed? So here is all you need to know about The Veil filming locations.

Istanbul, Turkey

As the story unfolds in Istanbul, Turkey, a major portion of the series was filmed in the same city. The production crew utilized several spots across the city to shoot key sequences. A number of iconic landmarks and sites of Istanbul can be spotted in the show, including the Galata Tower situated at Bereketzade, 34421 Beyoğlu, İstanbul.

Originally a watchtower atop the Walls of Galata, Galata Tower is now a museum and symbol of the city. Damaged in 1875, it lacked a roof until a restoration in 1965-67, when a new roof and concrete interior were added, opening it to the public. In 2020, it was majorly restored and reopened as a museum, which now offers a 360-degree view of Istanbul from the observation deck.

The Veil Filming Locations

Some scenes were also shot at the Galata Bridge, which spans the Golden Horn and has held cultural significance in Turkish literature and art since the late 19th century. The current bridge, built in 1994, is the fifth on the same site and features a bascule design, measuring 490 m long with an 80 m main span. It accommodates vehicular traffic, pedestrians, and the T1 tram line.

The series was also filmed in the neighborhood of Balat in Istanbul, which is known for its colorful houses, narrow streets, and vibrant atmosphere. Once home to Jewish, Greek, and Armenian communities, it reflects a rich cultural tapestry. Today, it boasts charming cafés, antique shops, and traditional markets.

Paris, France

The Veil Filming Locations

The cast and crew of The Veil were spotting filming the show in Paris, the capital of France in 2023. The show features a number of scenes at the airport which were filmed at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Additionally, the magnificent Eiffel Tower can also be seen in some scenes of the series. A couple of sequences involving Elisabeth Moss were taped at the Passerelle Debilly bridge near the Eiffel Tower. The arch bridge spans over the Seine River and connects Quai de New York to the Quai Branly.

Kent, England

A few important sequences of The Veil were shot in Kent, a county in southeastern England, in May 2023. The Canterbury Cathedral, located in the city of Canterbury in Kent, features in the series. Established in 597 AD and rebuilt in the 11th century, the cathedral is one of the oldest Christian structures in the UK and has been declared a World Heritage Site. The production team also set some scenes in the streets of Buttermarket in Canterbury.

Northamptonshire, England

where was the veil filmed

Elizabeth Moss was also seen shooting for some key sequences in Northamptonshire, a ceremonial county in England, particularly at Drayton House. A Grade I listed country estate near Lowick village, the building boasts a rich history dating back to 1328. Renowned for its architectural significance, it has undergone modifications by various notable figures over the centuries. Surrounded by a 200-acre park known as Drayton Park, it has remained within the Stopford Sackville family since 1361, offering limited public access by appointment. 

London, England

Additional sequences of the series were filmed in London, the capital of England. The city stands as an ideal filming location due to its iconic landmarks, diverse neighborhoods, and rich history. London’s film-friendly policies, experienced film crews, and state-of-the-art production facilities also aid in filming.

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