The Veil is an international spy thriller featuring a high-stakes game of truths and lies. The story revolves around two women, on opposite parties of a secret mission, who form an unlikely friendship with each other. As one woman hides a dark secret and the other endeavors to uncover it to save lives, international intelligence agencies have to collaborate while setting aside their differences to save thousands of innocent lives. The mention of real agencies like MI6, CIA, and DGSE in the series makes one wonder if there was actually such a mission that was taken up in the real world. So is The Veil based on a real story? Read on to find out.

Is Hulu’s The Veil Based on a True Story?

The Veil is not based on a true story, as the show is based on an original screenplay written by Steven Knight. However, it does feature some parallels to the real world. There are elements and plots in the show that reflect historical and contemporary espionage conflicts. For instance, the Cold War era saw intense spy games between the CIA and the Soviet KGB, often involving high-stakes missions and conflicting agendas, similar to the ones seen in The Veil.

The Veil Real Story

Additionally, contemporary geopolitical tensions have led to collaborative efforts between intelligence agencies to prevent catastrophic events, just like the US CIA and the French DGSE collaborated in The Veil to succeed in a dangerous mission and protect countless lives. Similar efforts on the part of intelligence agencies have been seen in the real world as well.

For example, after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, intelligence agencies from various countries, including the CIA, MI6, and others, worked closely together to gather intelligence, track terrorist networks, and prevent future attacks. This collaboration involved sharing information, coordinating surveillance efforts, and conducting joint operations.

The Veil True Story

Similarly, in the realm of cybersecurity, intelligence agencies collaborate to combat cyber threats posed by state-sponsored hackers, criminal organizations, and other malicious actors. This cooperation involves sharing technical expertise, threat intelligence, and best practices to enhance collective cybersecurity defenses.

Moreover, efforts to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction often require intelligence agencies to work together to monitor and disrupt illicit arms trafficking networks, track the activities of rogue states, and prevent the spread of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. While these collaborative efforts shown in The Veil are much more dramatic for entertainment purposes, they do draw inspiration from the work of real agencies.

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