Over the years, As the Crow Flies, aka Kus Uçusu, has gained a huge following due to its thrilling storyline and captivating performances. The Turkish drama on Netflix follows a young woman whose dream of working in a newsroom comes true, however, soon she gets to see the dark side of the workplace driven by ambition, desire, and envy. After two exciting seasons, the third season of the show premiered on April 11th, 2024. Fans who have binged on the new episodes are now wondering if and when As the Crow Flies will return with season 4. So here is all you need to know about the same.

Will As the Crow Flies Return with Season 4?

Unfortunately, As the Crow Flies will not be returning with season 4 as the show has reached its conclusion with the third season. Even before the premiere of season 3, Netflix had announced that this was going to be the final installment of the series, so no more seasons are planned for it. The storyline of the show has concluded and there are no more plot points to cover.

As the Crow Flies Season 4


On the positive side, fans will be happy that the show got a proper farewell with a final season, as not many Netflix shows are fortunate enough. The streaming platform is infamous for canceling shows mid-way, even after huge demands for renewal by fans. So yeah, As the Crow Flies has ended with season 3 for good.

As the Crow Flies Cast

The show stars Birce Akalay as Lale Kiran and Miray Daner as Asli Tuna, the two women going at each other to take control of the newsroom. The rest of the cast includes Ibrahim Celikkol as Kenan Sezgin, Irem Sak as Müge Türkmen, Burak Yamantürk as Selim Kiran, Demircan Kacel as Yusuf Tunca, Defne Kayalar as Gül, Nejat Isler as the Narrator, Elif Kurtuaran as Melisa, and Merve Nil Güder as Mila.

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