Honeymoonish is a Kuwaiti romantic comedy arriving on Netflix to entertain the audience. The film follows a couple who embark on a honeymoon soon after their wedding, only to find out that they have less in common than they thought. As their misunderstandings start to pile up, it leads to hilarious situations. The film features some talented actors who are certainly going to impress you with their performances. Here is all you need to know about the cast of Honeymoonish.

Honeymoonish Cast

Nour Al Ghandour as Noor: Nour Al Ghandour stars in the film in the lead role of Noor. She is an Egyptian actress who graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Kuwait in 2017. After starting her career as a broadcaster on Al-Rai Channel, she switched to acting and starred in the television comedy series Hamdin’s Mansion in 2018. 

She further gained recognition with her role as Karima in the TV drama Men Sharea El Haram Ela. Ghandour’s other projects include the shows Dofaat Al Qahira, Juman, Dahab: Bint Al Hotel, and the controversial Kuwaiti series One Wife is Not Enough. With Honeymoonish, the actress is going to make her feature film debut.

Mahmoud Boushahri as Hamad: Honeymoonish features Mahmoud Boushahri in the lead role of Hamad. Mahmoud is an established Kuwaiti actor who has been a part of the film industry for two decades now. He made his debut with the comedy series Al Hayyala in 2003 and followed it up with appearances in shows like Eyes of Love, Saher Al Lail, Hal Manayer, and Weld Ommah. In 2018, he gained wide recognition for his portrayal of Thanyan in the thriller drama Black Crows. Like Nour, Mahmoud is also making his feature debut with Honeymoonish. Check out his Instagram here.

Ascia Al Faraj as Amal: Ascia Al Faraj is a famous blogger and fashion model in Kuwait who is making her acting debut with Honeymoonish. She plays the role of Amal, Noor’s best friend who secretly makes her match with Hamad. Known by her blogging name Ascia AKF, the model-actress has over 2.5 million followers on Instagram. She has been active in the blogging scene since 2012 and is counted among the most popular influencers in the Middle East. Faraj has been the face of brands like Dior, Riva Fashion, Chanel, and Ralph Lauren.

Mahdi Barwiz as Wael: Honeymoonish also features Mahdi Barwiz in the role of Wael, Amal’s husband. The actor has been a part of some Kuwaiti web series earlier. He is also quite popular on social media, having more than 120k followers on Instagram.

Honeymoonish Release Date

The film is going to be streamed on Netflix from Monday, April 29th, 2024. Netflix usually drops new films and shows at 12 am PT, i.e. 3 am ET, which translates to 8 am BST, 9 am CEST, 12:30 pm IST, 5 pm AEST, and 10 am Kuwait local time.

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