Musica was released recently on Prime and it follows the life of Rudy who navigates through Synesthesia and lives a musical life where he experiences love and emotions in an innocently comical way. But everyone who has seen the film has been wondering whether this film is a true story. Let us find out in this article.

Is Musica a True Story?

Musica is based on the life of the director Rudy Mancuso himself. While certain incidents of his life are fictionalized, a huge portion of the film is a semi-autobiographical account of his love life and his condition. The director has adapted events of his life and the way he sees the world into this musical where every little thing creates music. In his interviews, he has talked about the condition and how it has never been talked about in a film space.

The director Rudy himself plays the central character and he has also developed some real-life chemistry with the actress Camila Mendes whom he met for the first time on the set of the film. The director in his interviews talks about how he felt in college and how the different characters in the film represent various aspects of his life. He was in a relationship when he got into college but he did not feel understood.

Musica True Story

He then meets a character who is straight out of his fantasy. This puts him at the center of a love triangle which we discover it is not. Rudy’s mother is also an important part of the film. The character is also played by his real-life mother which adds an organic touch to the whole narrative. The conversations between the two are real and unfiltered which adds to the plot significantly.

These are representative of three things. What life offers to you, what you want in life, and what the world decides for you. Rudy has fictionalized a few aspects of his life but some of them are just cinematic representatives of real events that would have taken place in his life. The film is an imaginative ode to music and love. It is a genuine attempt at creating something different and at the same time doing it in an innocent comical way. The fact that he has kept it raw and been willing to share his life with the world is extremely courageous and imaginative.

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