Netflix’s Unfrosted is a hilarious take on the rivalry between breakfast companies Kellogg’s and Post in the 1960s. Directed by and starring Jerry Seinfeld, the film showcases the true story of Kellogg’s efforts to beat their Rival post in inventing a revolutionary breakfast pastry, the Pop Tarts. As the movie is based on a real story, audiences might be wondering who Bob Cabana, an employee at Kellogg’s played by Jerry Seinfeld, is in real life. Here is all you need to know about the same.

The Real Life Personality Who Inspired the Character of Bob Cabana in Unfrosted

Bob Cabana is inspired by a real life businessman and inventor named William “Bill” Post, who was the mind behind the invention of Pop-Tarts. When Kellogg’s got to know about the launch of Country Squares by Post, the firm pulled up their socks and started looking for a man who could create the same kind of breakfast for them. They found the perfect candidate in William Post, who used to work at Keebler before.

Bill Post was born on June 27, 1927, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Henry Post and Johanna Jongsta, who were immigrants from the Netherlands. Growing up in Grand Rapids, he attended Grand Rapids Christian High School. At 16, he started working part-time washing trucks for Hekman Biscuit Company, which later merged with Keebler.

Bob Cabana Real

After serving in the US Army Air Corps in Japan, Post returned to Michigan and briefly attended Calvin College before going back to work at Hekman Biscuit Company. He quickly rose among ranks to become the plant manager at just 21 years old.  In 1964, Kellogg’s asked Post to create a new toaster pastry to compete with a similar product from Post Cereals. Despite doubts from his boss, Post took on the challenge. He promised Kellogg’s a prototype in two weeks. With his team, he worked hard to perfect the recipe, even getting his own kids to taste-test.

“In 1964 I answered the telephone and Kellogg asked if they could come see some of our equipment.  said, ‘yeah.’ They came and looked at our plant. They said they wanted something for the toaster but they didn’t know how to do it,” Bill recalled in an interview. The result was initially called “fruit scones”, but it was later renamed “Pop-Tarts” as a nod to the pop art movement. When Pop-Tarts hit the shelves in 1964, they sold out quickly in Cleveland, Ohio.

Post didn’t stop with Pop-Tarts. In 1967, he added icing to them, despite doubts from some in the company. He continued to innovate at Kellogg’s and later at Keebler, where he became senior vice president. He played a big part in creating other products like Nutri-Grain bars and Rice Krispies Treats.

Even after retiring, Post stayed busy. He visited schools to share his story of success through hard work. Post was married to Florence for 72 years until she passed away in 2020. They had two children. He died on February 10, 2024, at the age of 96. Bill Post’s legacy lives on through his contributions to the world of snacks.

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