Directed and starring Jerry Seinfeld, Unfrosted is a hilarious film that chronicles the events of cereal company Kellogg’s attempts to create a revolutionary breakfast pastry in the 1960s in Battle Creek, Michigan, to beat its rival breakfast company, Post. The production team has managed to recreate the look and feel of the 1960s era in the film, making one wonder where was the movie filmed. So here is all you need to know about the filming locations of Unfrosted.

Where was Unfrosted Filmed?

While the premise of Unfrosted is set in Battle Creek, Michigan, the filming of the movie actually took place in California. The producers reportedly received tax credits from the California government to base the production in the state. The filming began on May 25th, 2022 and went on till July 1st of the same year.

Unfrosted Filming Locations

The University of California, Irvine (UCI) was particularly utilized as a filming location for the movie. The administrate building in the university, named Aldrich Hall, doubles as the headquarters of Kellogg’s in the film. Opened in 1974, the building was named after the founding chancellor of the university, Daniel G. Aldrich, Jr.

UCI is a public research institution that offers a wide range of academic programs including 87 undergraduate degrees and 129 graduate and professional degrees. With a substantial student body of around 30,000 undergraduates and 6,000 graduate students, the university is known for its high research activity and significant research expenditures, totaling $523.7 million in 2021.  

It has been acknowledged as a “Public Ivy” for providing Ivy League-level education at a public university. University of California, Irvine, has also been featured in some other films as well including Ocean’s Eleven, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, Poltergeist, The Newest Pledge, and Unforgettable.

Unfrosted Filming Locations

Apart from UCI, the filming of Unfrosted also took place in Los Angeles. Being the home of Hollywood, LA provided enough opportunities to the production crew to create sets like the 1960s and gave an authentic feel to the movie. Additionally, the city has easy access to modern production studios and talented cast and crew, which further facilitate the production of the film.

LA, has always been a hub of movie and television production, where a number of blockbusters have been shot. Some examples are Oppenheimer, Barbie, Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Top Gun: Maverick, The Dark Knight, The Wolf of Wall Street, Planet of the Apes, Fight Club, and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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