Pretty Little Liars Season 2, aka Summer School, is just getting more exciting and thrilling with each passing episode. Max has now released the fourth episode of the season, which came with a revelation about Rose Waters, and one of our girls finally coming face to face with Bloody Rose. Emotions ran high throughout the episode with love stories of the girls taking center stage, however, the ending of Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 4 escalated tensions due to Faran’s deadly encounter. 

Pretty Little Liars Summer School Season 2 Episode 4 Ending: Did Faran Survive the Attack?

Pretty Little Liars Summer School Episode 4 Ending

Bloody Rose chose Faran as her next victim and called her up with a challenge, and the teenager, thinking that she could defeat the assailant on her own, accepted it. Bloody Rose then challenged her to hold a girder for two hours, which Faran was able to do. But as soon as she passed the test and got exhausted from it, Bloody Rose appeared in front of her. The antagonist attacked her with all her might, while Faran ran for her life. And while the face-off was not even in the favor of Faran, she managed to escape by jumping over a barbed wire. Bloody Rose still did enough damage as she sliced Faran’s arm. 

Who Pushed Dr. Sullivan?

While the teenagers wanted to have a therapy session with Dr. Sullivan in the middle of the night, the doctor refused as she was admitted to the hospital. She revealed to the girls that she had been pushed down the stairs by someone. While she didn’t see their face, Sullivan believes that it could be an unhappy former patient. While the episode did not reveal the identity of the attacker, it is possible that Bloody Rose pushed her as she did not want the doctor to help the teenagers. Imogen also thinks that the incident has something to do with their own ongoing struggle.

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 4 Ending

Is Rose Waters Dead?

After immense efforts, Mouse and Ash were finally able to find Rose Waters. As the two were on their mission to track her down, the two went separate ways to maximize their efforts and look into more locations. Mouse then finally came across Rose Waters under a bridge. She immediately called the others to see Waters and help the old woman, who seemed mentally ill.

But as soon as the group arrived at the scene and started asking the woman about Archie, she panicked and jumped off the bridge, falling into the water. The old woman has likely died in the show without giving out any hint to the girls, but they did discover an important piece of information: Dr. Sullivan was Rose Waters’ doctor. In future episodes, we might see the teenagers confronting Dr. Sullivan and extracting more clues from her.

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