Swarn Sivia is a central character in the movie Amar Singh Chamkila played by Apinderdeep Singh. The film Amar Singh Chamkila is a biopic on the life of singer Chamkila who was assassinated as a 27-year-old in a place called Mehsampur. The role of Chamkila is played by popular actor Diljit Dosanjh and the film is directed by popular director Imtiaz Ali. Swarn Sivia is an important character in the Chamkila. Let us know his complete life story here.

Real Life story of Swarn Sivia from Amar Singh Chamkila on Netflix

Swarn Sivia was a long-term friend of Amar Singh Chamkila who also wrote lyrics for some of his songs. Swarn and Chamkila knew each other from their childhood but lost touch after Chamkila followed his passion of becoming a singer and Swarn continued with his academic career path.

Chamkila and Swarn did not meet again until 1985 when Amar Singh Chamkila got in touch with Swarn Sivia, who at that time was working with the Income Tax Department. Swarn, a court stenographer by profession helped Amar Singh Chamkila after he received threats from various Sikh militancy outlets. Swarn Sivia accompanied Chamkila to meet the Sikh extremists who asked Chamkila to change the way he wrote his songs.Swarn Sivia Real Story

Chamkila was often criticized for his lewd and sexual lyrics and immoral depiction of men. According to Sivia (watch interview), the Sikh militants wanted Camkila to sing more religious songs and show the Sikh community in a positive light. Chamkila then discovered Sivia’s hidden talent for writing religious poetry and collaborated with him. Their popular song Baba Tera Nankana is among the popular religious songs of Chamkila. His religious songs also did well and to an extent, people started to see beyond his original mass lyrics and would now accept him as a respected singer

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Chamkila and Sivia enjoyed an association of over 2.5 years before Chamkila was assassinated in Mehsampur. It was alleged that Chamkila was killed by religious groups because of his lyrics but Swarn never believed this theory. Swarn was very clear that there was a conspiracy to kill Chamkila and his rivals were possibly involved in the conspiracy.

Swarn Sivia would go on to work with many other singers and write lyrics for many songs. However, he continued to work towards bringing justice to Chamkila. He even claimed that Chamkila would often visit him in his dreams. Swarn passed away on 2nd January 2023. He is still remembered as a brilliant lyricist.

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