Rest in Peace is a new film on Netflix and after its trailer dropped last month, it has finally been released today on the streaming platform we must say the creative storytelling on the platform keeps getting better and better. This might be one of those films which quietly slip under the radar and end up popping up in your recommendations someday only for you to discover that it is extremely good.

The film is about a man who decides to fake his death and live away from his home for years. He then feels the urge to come and see if he has been forgotten forever. The story of the film has been told in the form of a mystery/thriller and the plot points of the film and its length both work significantly for a film. Check out our review of the film.

Netflix Rest In Peace Review

As a filmmaker, when you choose to make the decision to follow the life of a protagonist and see everything from his point of view, where most films fail is when they lose track of time and perspective and end up being a little monotonous and repetitive. This film however does not suffer from that problem. The makers of the film spend a lot of time building up the character and then giving him situations where his obstacles increase and he goes through a journey of inner development and realization that might not be the core of the story but is the main reason behind keeping this film interesting.

Netflix Rest In Peace Review

The idea of re-building an identity from scratch and whether that is possible or not is one which will keep the audiences gripped throughout and the makers of the film have sprinkled those breadcrumbs beautifully over the course of the plot. The film proves to be a great insight into the mind of the protagonist’s psychology and the psychology of the human mind as a whole. The protagonist Sergio is a family man who is starring down the barrel in his life and his scheme to get out is bizarre on the face of it but the screenwriting really makes the story work.

The film is 1 hour and 47 minutes long and there isn’t a dull moment in the film. The cinematography of the film is exceptional and the visual storytelling in the film is second to none and it can really elevate the entire filmmaking. The best part about this film is its silent introspective scenes where the character looks inwards while looking outwards. The essence of this film is what you lose when you are trying to gain something and the essence comes out beautifully. The film has been performed very well by the actors and the direction is top-notch too.

We would like to really recommend this one and suggest this to you as a good midweek watch.

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