Rewind on Netflix is a love story that comes out of the Philippines, and we fell in love with the story the moment we watched the film. The movie is a story about a couple who have been together all their life and how they get adrift during their married life and how John gets a supernatural chance to correct the wrongs that he has done in the last few days that have caused him to lose his precious wife.

But for that, he must give the biggest sacrifice ever. The film ends on a melancholic note and a lot of people have been curious about the ending of the film. Here we will try to explain our version of the ending of the film Rewind. Meanwhile, Check out the film’s trailer.

Rewind Netflix Ending Explained

After getting a chance from Lods to go back to the day of his birthday and try to correct all the wrongs that he committed on that day. John reconciles with his Godfather and stops Vivian from kissing him. He also reconciles with his father. He then drives along with his wife and the accident does not happen. John is watching his son’s play when he encounters Lods again. He begs for him to be allowed to live, but Lods does not give him that chance.

When Austin, his son waves towards him, and he waves back, he thinks Austin is running towards him and Lods has let him live, but Austin runs right past him to see a dead body which is John’s dead body. John is dead and this is his soul or inner self that was waving at his son. The ending is a bit of a jerk to the viewer because they would all have wanted John, Mary, and Austin to live together and have a happy life. But the message that the makers of the film are trying to give to the viewers is that you do not get to correct all your mistakes ever. There are no second chances in life.

Rewind Netflix Ending Explained

While Mary and Austin go on to have a very successful life after the death of John, they do not have a complete life as they continue to miss John. If only John had gone on to spend a good time with his family rather than obsessing about being at the top post of the whiskey company. Such an ending leaves you with a bit of a heavy heart and a lot to reflect on in your life.

Rewind is a beautiful film and an ode to the little things in life that we often take for granted as we search for imaginary brass rings and keep going after them. Maybe it is time to stop for a moment and be thankful for what we have. The film did exceptionally well at the box office and its recent release on Netflix is also expected to generate a lot of buzz. Do you agree with the interpretation of this ending?

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