You know, it’s one of those days when you are done with you’re work and have nothing to do and life seems all too boring and you’re just surfing Netflix looking for something to watch. Then you can put on Thank You, Next, and watch it for a bit before it puts you to sleep. The series is about a lawyer who is also gutted about having a break-up and goes ahead and defends the most high-profile client she will ever defend and guess what? She messes it up because that’s what people do in a Netflix series. The rest of the show is about her trying to make it okay, find love, look pretty, and do a thousand unrelated things and boring you to sleep. Here’s our review anyway.

Thank You Next Review

Well, the movie does have an interesting plot, to be honest. But the treatment never lets the viewers explore that plot. It is boring from the word go and everything about this series is just not captivating enough. The makers seem to be begging for your attention and their aim is to create a series that will just pass by your eyes giving them their desired viewership.

It is an uninspiring series, the makers genuinely didn’t want to make you laugh, make you cry, inspire you, or have any long-term effect on you. The term one-time watch is perhaps coined for a series of this kind. So is there anything good about this series? We need to tell you the rationale behind those 4 marks we give it out of 10.

Thank You Next Review

The only good thing about this series is the people in it. No, we are not talking about their performances. That is a far cry but there are some very good-looking men and women in this series. None better than Serenay Sarikaya who looks beautiful in all her scenes. Boran Kuzum is another dashing looking man who could make us drool all day. Oh and yes we screamed the loudest for Hakan Kurtas. So much so that we checked out his other films and series too. The man can surely raise some temperature. But the eye candy doesn’t get you through an entire season. There has to be some meat to the show. Sadly there is none here.

So we do not recommend this snooze fest unless you’re out of sedatives.


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