The Believers is a new crime thriller on Netflix that deals with an interesting plot. At the core of the plot is a bunch of youngsters who have debts to pay off but instead of earning money the right way, they go ahead and commit a crime and no ordinary crime. They begin to exploit the oldest business in the world. Faith.

While at it, they make a lot of money but soon realize that the path to glory as a criminal does not come easy and it tests your mental fortitude, friendships, relationships, and a lot of skill as a criminal. So how did we like it? should you watch it? is it worth investing your time in? Let’s find out. Meanwhile, you can check out the Trailer of the series here.

Netflix The Believers Review

Well, before we begin our review, we have to tip our hats off to the makers for being brave enough to go up and potentially expose yourself to the wrath of countless believers. Religion is a sensitive topic, and they have not held back one bit. The series is a crime thriller and there are interpersonal relationships and character expositions which are giving this story its obstacles.

The Believers Netflix Review

For simplicity’s sake, consider Money Heist and how dull it would be without the interpersonal equations. The Believers is not Money Heist in terms of its storytelling but may well turn out to get the kind of viewership Money Heist got because of how rooted the plot is and how engaging the storytelling is. The story is based in Thailand and it shows a side of the place that most people weren’t really aware of.

The religious side of the country and how much it spends in the form of donations to its temples. The series is directed by Wattanapong Wongwan and created by Aummaporn Phandintong, and it took these two to bring out something fresh from the house of Netflix which, let’s face it was getting repetitive in its storytelling. The story has many plots and undertones but one thing that remains constant in the series is the element of thrill that is continuously maintained.

The Believers Netflix Review

There is never a dull moment in this series and you don’t ever lose the plot for a single second. The series also has some great performances by young and veteran actors alike. Looks like the memo was conveyed properly and all of them were in for creating something special while they were at it. The trailer of the show got a lot of people excited as some users praised the content coming out of Netflix Asia.

After House of Ninja and A Killer Paradox, looks like this is another winner coming out of Asia, this time from Thailand. The accuracy of facts and how a temple operates has been maintained very well in this series. It also makes sure that it strays clear of saying anything that may lead to outrage. At the same time, there is an underlying theme in this series about how there is unaccounted money being donated to temples.

This brave series gets a major thumbs up from us. More of such content, please! We will be seated.

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