Apple TV+’s The Big Cigar is about the escape of Black Panther Party founder, Huey P. Newton, to Cuba. Set in the 1970s, the show tells the story of how Newton took help from film producer Bert Schneider to create a fake film set to hide his escape plans. Those who have watched the series must be impressed by how the creators perfectly captured the vibe of the ‘70s in the show. This also makes one wonder about the filming location of The Big Cigar. Well, not anymore, as here are all the places where the series was filmed.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Big Cigar Filming Locations

 The Big Cigar was mostly filmed in Toronto, the capital of Ontario province in Canada. The city has a thriving film production industry with a number of studios. These facilities were utilized by the team of the series, who set up their base in the city and filmed important sequences across various spots. Toronto has earlier hosted the filming of The Boys, Star Trek: Discovery, Suits, Black Mirror, Reacher, What We Do in the Shadows, Dark Matter, and Mayor of Kingstown.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The Big Cigar Filming Locations

Some scenes of the show were filmed in the port city of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada. The production team particularly used the Hamilton City Hall, situated at 71 Main Street West, to take a few key shots. The hall is the administrative hub of the city, which is 8 stories high. It was built in 1960 by architect Stanley Roscoe. The construction cost about $9.4 million and was managed by the Pigott Construction Company. The building was declared a heritage structure in 2005. Other shows and films shot in Hamilton include The Handmaid’s Tale, The Umbrella Academy, Fringe, The Queen’s Gambit, Silent Hill, and The Shape of Water.

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Another city in Ontario that features in The Big Cigar is Brampton. The city is known for its diverse population, making it one of the most multicultural places in the world. Brampton boasts beautiful parks and recreational areas, including Gage Park and Heart Lake Conservation Area, and is famous for being the birthplace of celebrities like Russell Peters and Michael Cera. The city has earlier housed the production of Orphan Black, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, The Man from Toronto, and Land of the Dead.

Los Angeles, California, USA

The Big Cigar Filming Locations

The home of Hollywood, Los Angeles, also served as a filming location for The Big Cigar. In one of the scenes, the region around the Hollywood Sign can be spotted, however, the sign has been edited out with special effects and only the mountainous terrain is visible. LA hosts the production of hundreds of projects every year. Some recent films and shows shot there include Unfrosted, Young Sheldon, The Sympathizer, House of the Dragon, Oppenheimer, and Barbie.

Turbaco, Bolívar, Colombia

The shoot of the series also took place in Turbaco, a municipality in the Bolívar Department of Colombia. The cast and crew were seen filming at the Church of Santa Catalina, also called Iglesia Santa Catalina De Alejandria. Earlier projects shot in Bolívar were The Next Three Days, Love in the Time of Cholera, and The Mission.


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