Episode 3 starts with an amazing sequence. There’s this cop who issues a speeding ticket to Huey and he has flashbacks and nightmares and loses his mind over it. That sets the tone for this episode. You can see this man has had a torturous time with the police. Another thing that happens in this episode is the controversial “Baby” reference. For the unversed, Huey killed a sex worker when she called him baby. The series mellows it down to him being hysterical. That said. Not much happened in this episode. The story isn’t a long one it feels, they are just going deeper into the events.

The Big Cigar Episode 3 Ending Explained

So we get to know that Tajo has run away with Bert and Stephen’s money and Bert and Stephen, who have a huge argument in this episode (More on that) agree that Stephen needs to go and threaten him. Bert gives the money Stephen raised for making his documentary to Huey. Stephen wanted to desperately make the biggest film of his career. They have a massive argument but Bert extinguishes the fire for the moment and gives the cheque to Huey.

After the boat they planned for Huey’s escape drowns in a hurricane, the plan is to now fly Huey down to Miami. The plan is to take him to Cuba from there. In this episode, there’s a theme though where they keep going back to the flashbacks of Huey’s life and how his encounters with police have gone over the years. He has a certain Steve Clark on his heels all the time. That sets up what’s going to happen next.

Huey who knows the FBI inside out suspects that he might have sold them out to the FBI and that turns out to be true, only worse because when Stephen reaches to meet Tajo, the FBI is there to arrest Bert who gets to know that from Paula. Worse for Stephen, Tajo comes with the cartel and shoots at Stephen. We don’t see Stephen dying and good news for the fans of this character is that Stephen didn’t die until 2015. So we guess he made it through this cliffhanger. Unless they are about to take the biggest liberty they have taken all series. Check his Wiki out

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