After two exciting episodes of the previous week, we had high hopes for The Veil episode 3, and it surely did not disappoint. The new episode, titled The Asset, takes the story forward as Imogen takes matters into her own hands to reveal the truth about Adilah in her own way, against the wishes of DGSE. The episode ended on a rather surprising note that must raise alarms for Imogen. Here is The Veil episode 3 ending, explained for you.

Is Adilah Planning to Kill Imogen? Who Sent Her the Note?

After Imogen wins the trust of Adilah, the two head to a bar for drinks. There, as Imogen goes out for a second, a man rushes to sit next to Adilah and hands her a note that looks rather dangerous for Imogen. The note, sent by someone with the initial ‘E’ asked Adilah to meet them the next day at 8:00 pm and ‘Bring her this has to end.’ ‘Her’ could very well mean Imogen and ‘this has to end’ does hint that if the MI6 agent trusts Adilah and accompanies her, things will not end well for her.

However, there is also a possibility that the makers might be playing with the viewers’ heads with the note. What if Adilah is actually innocent and the note is from someone who wants to bring the little games between her and Imogen to an end and want things to be clarified? Only the next episode will now tell who sent the note and what they actually meant by it.

Why Does Imogen Lie to Adilah?

The Veil Episode 3 Ending

When Adilah takes Imogen to her grandfather’s grave and threatens her to tell her the truth, the MI6 agent confesses that she is a spy who befriended her as a part of her mission, which has now been terminated as the DGSE believes that Adilah is not the Genie of Raqqa. However, while Imogen still believes that Adilah is the culprit, she pretends to be her friend and reassures her that she believes Adilah is innocent. All this is a part of Imogen’s plan to get closer to Adilah as she is certain that she is the Genie of Raqqa. For the same, she is even defying orders of her organization, and is seen colluding with CIA’s Max to reveal the real identity of Adilah.

What is in the Ship Heading to the US?

The Veil episode 3 ends as a ship heads to the US with a container in it. This is the same container that houses the radioactive lead pieces in water, seen earlier in the episode. As the captain of the ship is also a part of ISIS, he is able to carry out a plan to ship the radioactive material to the US coast and wreak havoc in the country. Only time will tell if he is able to succeed in his plans.

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