Under Paris is out on Netflix and the movie follows the life of a few brave people who put their lives at risk to counter a shark attack at the heart of Paris in the Seine River right before a Triathlon putting the event at risk. In the film, we see the event going on as planned, as the fighters who have got a breakthrough put themselves in danger on the day of the event as they plan to blast an explosive once all the sharks are together. It isn’t the brightest plan from the very beginning, to be honest, but then as the world often works, the Triathlon as a PR event is more important than the life of a few people who are stupid/brave enough to risk it.

Under Paris Ending Explained

The plan to get the sharks together and use the explosive backfires as Adama dies trying to trigger the explosive. The sharks feast on him but he manages to trigger the explosive on as Sophia and Adil make it through to the surface at the cost of their lost partners. Just as it seems that the threat is over, Sophia decides to go back deep into the water and come face to face with a shark who doesn’t attack her and blows their safety boat off balance getting two of their officers in the process. This leaves only Sophia and Adil as the shark goes right after the swimmers

The Shark starts eating up the swimmers and causing great damage as the military tries to gun it down triggering a major explosion from the live shells underneath under water that blows up the iconic bridges on the river (with bad VFX)  causing great damage and causing a stampede and flooding.  Sophia survives the floods and the sharks as they find themselves in the middle of the city surrounded by sharks who have entered the land.

Under Paris Ending Explained

The film doesn’t have a happy end and gives a threatening message as Humans continue to force themselves into the ocean eventually provoking nature and its habitat which might come for the land one day. The movie gives a dark message to humanity about stopping before its too late. Good stuff.

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Under Paris Review

Under Paris is thrilling in parts but very generic for most of the film. Also, it pegs too far away from reality when you know that such an event could have just been canceled after a notification. This is a major plot whole n the film and the film does nothing to justify it. There is a difference between this film and the good shark films of the world. like Jaws but then not every filmmaker can be a Spielberg.

The movie does make a stellar impact at the end and its message is definitely one that should go across. Bérénice Bejo who performs the lead role in the film delivers a fantastic performance. One that we are used to seeing from her now. Overall, this film is a good one-time watch. Go ahead. Give it a go

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