After much anticipation, We Were the Lucky Ones, the series adaptation of Georgia Hunter’s bestselling novel, finally premiered on Hulu. However, fans need to wait a little longer to see how things pan out for the Kurc family, as only three episodes of the show have been released on Hulu so far.

Instead of dropping the complete season at once, and making the audience binge-watch, the streaming platform believes in releasing episodes in a weekly manner after the premiere. This makes one question when will We Were the Lucky Ones episode 3 be released on Hulu? Here is all you need to know about the same.

We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 4 Release Date and Time

We Were the Lucky Ones episode 4 is going to air on Hulu on Thursday, April 4th, 2024. The episode will be arriving in different regions at different times: 

12:00 am EST (April 4th)

9:00 pm PST (April 3rd)

11:00 pm CST (April 3rd)

4:00 am GMT (April 4th)

4:00 am BST (April 4th)

5:00 am CET (April 4th)

9:30 am IST (April 4th)

2:30 pm ACDT (April 4th)

To watch the episode, you need to have an active subscription to Hulu. The streaming platform comes at a price of $7.99 a month. However, this plan is bundled with ads. To watch the content ads-free, you will need to pay $17.99 a month to Hulu.

We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 4

What to Expect from We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 4?

In the first three episodes, the makers have set up the characters and the main storyline is already in motion with the depiction of Germany attacking Radom during World War II. As Germans are taking over the homes of people, the Kurc family has split, trying to escape a dark fate.

As the attack continues, Halina, Jakub and Bella will probably try to find a safe space and might be shown leaving the city in the next episode. Meanwhile, Mila will be attempting to protect herself and her daughter Felicia back home. At the same time, Addy’s search for Elizabeth in Morocco will likely continue.

We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 4 Trailer

As of now, Hulu has not released a preview of the upcoming episode. It’s title and synopsis has also not been unveiled as of now. The only thing known is that the teleplay for the episode has been written by Anya Meksin. You can still checkout the trailer of the complete season, which gives a glimpse of what to expect from the season going forward:

How Many Episodes are there in We Were the Lucky Ones?

We Were the Lucky Ones has a total of eight episodes. The first three episodes premiered on Hulu on March 28th, 2024, and the rest of the season is going to follow a weekly schedule. The finale is expected to be aired on May 2nd, 2024. The series is created by Erica Lipez and stars Joey King as Halina Kurc, Logan Lerman as Addy Kurc, Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Genec Kurc, Amit Rahav as Jakub Kurc, Hadas Yaron as Mila Kurc, Lior Ashkenazi as Sol Kurc, and Robin Weigert as Nechuma Kurc.

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